Is Your Bad Boss Ruining Your Great Job? [Infographic]

No matter how much you love what you do, a bad boss can make even the best job really suck.

Maybe find yourself stressing over what the boss is going to do or say next. You might even worry about it on the weekends. It sucks because one jerk can ruin a perfectly good job.

But, did you know, that bad boss can ruin your health as well?

Bad Boss Syndrome

The human body doesn’t react well to stress. You can expect a certain amount of stress at work. But when it seems constant, and you find yourself bringing it home with you, it can cause serious health issues. When the situation becomes that toxic, it’s not just a career issue anymore; that bad boss could be killing you.

This infographic from Keas explains how a toxic boss can increase your stress levels and how that stress effects your life. It helps you identify the worst types of managers the negative impact they may be having. With this information in hand, you can better evaluate your long term needs when it comes to your career. Yes, that includes how to avoid the next bad boss.

Does your job suck because of a horrible boss? It may be time to move on.


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