#InternPro Chat: How to Use LinkedIn to Ensure Job Search Success

ensure job search successIt seems like we spend a great deal of time interacting within our many social networks. That includes, of course, the go to network for busy professionals: LinkedIn. But LinkedIn is more than just professional networking; it can help ensure job search success.

Are you on LinkedIn? If so, are you using it effectively?

LinkedIn includes many new features that can enhance your job search. In many ways, it serves as your online resume. It also helps you to connect with alumni, friends, and others who work at the places you want to work. As many have taken advantage of recently, LinkedIn has a job board of it’s own. But more important, today, more and more companies have begun actively sourcing LinkedIn for potential candidates.

So what does that mean to you? It means that it’s time to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer!

Join us this Monday evening, August 14th, at 9 PM EDT for a thorough discussion of how you can use LinkedIn to ensure job search success.

Here’s What We’ll Be Discussing

Q1: Are you on LinkedIn now? If yes: On a scale 1 to 10 (10 being highest) how important is LinkedIn to your career?

Q2: LinkedIn profiles are a big search engine. So I can be found, what are the 3 things my profile can’t live without?

Q3: With 400M users, what features will help me stand out on LinkedIn? Which aren’t worth dedicating too much time?

Q4: LinkedIn now has a huge job board. But is that job board really helping people find good opportunities for work? #InternPro

Q5: I’m told endorsements are a waste of time but recommendations are crucial. So how do I ask for a recommendation?

Q6: I’d love to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn, but I don’t want to come on too strong. How do I best reach out?

Q7: We’ve examined the good things to do on LinkedIn. But what about the bad things… the mistakes too often made?

Q8: For me, the best part about being a LinkedIn member is ____. The thing I need to take better advantage of is ____.

Come on out Monday night and share your experiences, tips, and tricks for leveraging the LinkedIn platform during your job search.

Who knows? You just might learn something that helps find your dream job!



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