#InternPro Chat: How to Prove to Employers You’re the Right Candidate

right candidateEvery time you apply for a job, you do so knowing many other candidates possess the same education, skills, and experience as you. To gain a competitive edge in your job search, then, you need to stand out in the crowd. You must prove that you’re the right candidate for the job.

And you can!

You worked really hard on your resume, now make sure they’ll read it. You know you can impress in an interview, now it’s time secure one. On our next #InternPro Chat – Monday, August 7th at 9PM EDT – we’ll be helping you do just that, and more, as you prove to employers that you’re the right candidate.

Here are the questions that will spark our discussion:

Q1: I feel I’m qualified. I apply and apply but hear nothing back. How do I show that I’m worthy of an interview?

Q2: I hear a lot about “social proof” — showing you’re a good fit and qualified. How do I exhibit social proof online?

Q3: I’m supposed to customize my resume for every job. But job descriptions can be huge. How do I know where to focus?

Q4: What about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)? How do I make sure I create a good first impression on the robots?

Q5: I’m fine until I get to the job interview. Then I lock up. How can I learn how to be more confident when face-to-face?

Q6: As a qualified candidate, why do I have to do all the proving? Shouldn’t the company try to impress me?

Q7: We’ve talked a lot about what a job seeker should do. But what should they NOT do? What mistakes must we avoid?

Q8: With dozens of job seekers applying for the same job, the number one best way to stand out is: ______.

Stop by with your best answers and also, of course, bring any questions you have. Members of our community will be there, ready to give their best advice!

A job search is the most important competition of your life. Let’s work together – and find a way to help you win.



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