Are You a Happy Employee? Your Company Wants to Know

Do you love your job? If you answered “yes,” don’t worry… you’re not a freak. The idea that your supposed to hate your job has become a modern myth. Many employers have discovered that employee happiness has a direct impact on the success of a company. So, they work hard to make that happen. So, enjoying your job doesn’t seem so strange anymore. It’s ok to be a happy employee!

Are You a Happy Employee?

In a Gallup study, unhappy workers were found to cost the US between $450 to 550 billion in lost productivity. But apart from the financial ramifications, studies have also shown that being unhappy at work can lead to a myriad of health issues. These studies have made employers more aware of how employee happiness effects their bottom line. The infographic below, from EBI, breaks down the results of a recent survey that asked employees how they feel about their job. The results may surprise you.

As it turns out, more than half of those surveyed love their job. But perhaps more important, less than 10% actually hate it. Gone are the days of Country and Western singers scoring hits with songs like “Take this Job and Shove It!”

Yes, it’s okay to love your job. In fact, if you don’t love it… why aren’t you looking for another one?


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