Time Killers: How to Reclaim Your Time in the Workplace [Infographic]

From the employer perspective, and many times our own, there’s nothing more annoying than wasting time. After all, we all want to make the most of every minute we have. But taking control of time is about more than just working efficiently and productively throughout the day. It’s about paying attention to the people, tasks and distractions that take valuable time away from you. These are the real villians… the time killers.

What Are the Biggest Time Killers?

This infographic from OfficeTime.net reveals the top ten things that waste our time. More important, it teaches you some strategies to reclaim that time. Do you spend too much time on email? Maybe you invest too many minutes checking social media? Does it seem like your commuting hours or time spent in mandated (but less-than-productive) meetings are timesucks? As the infographic shows, even these moments can be reclaimed.

There are plenty of distractions throughout the day that you can do nothing about. And it is important to set aside time to have fun and do what you like to do. But you don’t have to give up valuable moments and hours to the most common time killers in life.

Take a page from Maxine Waters… start reclaiming your time!


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