Leadership Styles: How to Work for Different Boss Types [Infographic]

No matter where you work, understanding different leadership styles,  and how your boss works, can help you survive. In addition, knowing how best to build a great working relationship between the two of you is critical. In fact, there’s no better way to create new career opportunities than knowing how to showcase your skills and hard work.

First, though, you have to know the six types of bosses you might work for…

The 6 Basic Leadership Styles

Is your boss a visionary leader, inspiring but not well grounded?  Perhaps they are a commander; you know, someone who gives orders and is not open to feedback. Whatever boss type you have, you can find out a bit more about them looking at this infographic from Quid Corner. Here, you’ll learn how to identify each of the six main leadership styles. Even more important, you learn how best to work with each type.

Learning to work smoothly and effectively under each of these six leadership styles prepares you for any situation. So be ready for them all. After all, it’s the job, the experience, that matters.

Then, when the day comes and you earn the “boss” label, you can decide which leadership style will work best for you!


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