5 TED Talks to Inspire and Motivate 20-Something Careerists

20-somethingAre you a 20-something living through the age of social media? If yes, life can get a bit rough.

Millennials already have a tendency to put an immense pressure on ourselves. But then we go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (and whatever they will come out with tomorrow) where our insecurities are maximized as we go down the comparison rabbit hole. Even though we know Instagram just showcases the highlight reel, we can’t help but feel like we have to always succeed, or keep up with the tide.

But what if you had the chance to do what you loved, without worrying about what everyone else was thinking. What would you do?

Well, after you watch these TED talks that every 20-something should see, we guarantee that you will be inspired to live your best life!


1. The Magic of Not Giving a F*** | Sarah Knight



If we had a dollar for every time we cared about what someone thought, I’m sure we would all be millionaires. No matter how much we want to not care what others think, it’s just this habit we can’t seem to let go. Well after watching Sarah Knight’s (bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** and Get your Sh*t Together) we can’t promise your bad habit will vanish, but it will start the ball rolling.


2. What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection | Jia Jiang



If you’re anything like me you absolutely abhor the idea that millennials think everything is owed to them, and they don’t work hard enough. I’m not sure how this trope started, but when I look around all I see are hardworking 20-somethings going after their dreams. One thing that is difficult to deal with though is rejection. But the older we get, we are learning how to rally back after rejection. We don’t want to spoil this Ted Talk for you, but we will tell you that Jiang will help you start asking for what you want!


3. The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color | Angélica Dass



According to Dass, it has been over 120 years since the last country in the world abolished slavery. And over 53 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. But in 2017, we still judge each other by the differences in the color of our skin. This talk challenges the way we think about skin color and identity. Now more than ever it is important to see that there is beauty in humanity’s variation of colors.


4. Want to be Happy? Be Grateful | David Steindl-Rast



The greatest joy in life is the feeling of happiness. As humans, no matter our social, economic, or religious background, we all have that in common. According to Steindl-Rast, a monk and scholar, true and pure happiness is born from gratitude. Sometimes when things are weighing us down in our everyday lives, we forget that. But once we slow down, and appreciate the little things around us, we begin to realize that it’s not happiness that leads to gratefulness. It’s truly the other way around.


5. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth



Have you ever heard the saying it’s not the brains that make you, it’s the grit you put into your work? We may have made that up on the fly, but that perfectly sums up Duckworth’s Ted Talk. Some of the smartest people in the world don’t just have the highest IQ. They have worked diligently to get what they want. Now, as a 20-something careerist, you might be reading this and yelling…Duh! But I promise this Ted Talk will enlighten you.


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