Robot Recruiters are Searching for You! [Infographic]

Robot recruiters are searching for you!

Sounds like the beginning of a good Sci-Fi novel, doesn’t it? But this isn’t science fiction; it’s the job market today… right now. Companies have become increasingly reliant on resume filtering technology and applicant tracking systems to funnel potential candidates into their recruitment process. Furthermore: the more accurate they’ve become in finding qualified candidates, the more they’ve become essential.

These robot recruiters sift through the available talent pool to find potential employees worthy of the human recruitment effort. As a result: at many companies, just meeting a human being requires sneaking past these application-controlled sentries at the door.

Robot Recruiters and You

This infographic from The Wall Street Journal helps to explain how these robot recruiters work. As you can see, they become a company’s first line of defense against resume spammers, inexperienced applicants, and risky hires. As the technology advances, they may even become capable of making more subtle determinations like cultural fit and retainability.

Robot recruiters are the future of HR, and the future has already begun. Who knows, one day you may no longer need to look for a job… the jobs will be looking for you.

The robots are coming for you… and they might have a job offer in hand.


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