How to Ace the All-Important Interview for a Remote Job [Infographic]

Do you feel like an expert on the job search process? Well, you may find yourself interviewing for a remote job, and then everything changes.

If you’ve been job searching for a while, you just might feel like you’re 100 percent ready for whatever comes your way. After all, you have your resume fine-tuned and research completed. In addition, your job interview etiquette polished. You’ve also optimized your social media presence and established your personal brand. You’ve done everything by the book to make sure your job search game is on point.

The problem is, the jobs themselves are changing. And many more of the jobs available today are based on working remotely.

Are you ready?

Interviewing for a Remote Job

Interviewing for a remote job can be a lot different than any garden-variety office job. Why? Because it requires you to think about and know the answers to a different set of questions (on top of the standard interview questions you’re used to). You might have to answer questions that wouldn’t have occurred to you, like what hours you’ll be working and how is your home office equipped. You will also have to focus more on selling your soft skills, like time management and self-motivation.

Thankfully, this infographic from Hubstaff helps you get a handle on the remote job interview. It guides you through both the obvious and subtle differences from a traditional interview. Included are topics like accountability, communication skills and proactive reporting – all important keys to winning the interview and earning the job offer. Our favorite part: the section on questions you’ll probably be asked, and which questions to ask the employer, during the job interview.

A remote job may seem like a dream come true. But you need to ace the interview first. Now, thanks to this infographic, you can.


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