How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of a Highly Productive Workday [Infographic]

You’ve had a productive workday, done a lot, and almost reached your daily goals. Then you glance at the clock and realize only 10 minutes remain in the day. You begin to rush through tasks. Worse yet, find yourself attempting to finish your to do list without staying late. As a result, mistakes are made and details forgotten.

Surely, there has got to be a better way to end your work day.

A Productive Workday to the Very End

If you find yourself in this situation often, it may be time re-evaluate the way you work… and the way you leave work. For you, managing those last ten minutes effectively will make a world of difference.

So today, we present this insightful infographic from STL. Here, you’ll not only see how to wrap-up your workday productively, you’ll better prepare yourself to tackle tomorrow. You’ll also learn to reset your to do list, organize your workspace, sign out of your email, and set tomorrow’s schedule.

Read on. Take advantage of this great advice. Make those last ten minutes count.

You’ll find yourself more productive and healthier… all because you implemented a few simple changes.


productive workday



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