Emojis Explain The Job Search Roller Coaster [Infographic]

Have you taken a ride on the job search roller coaster? Most of us have. Seeking gainful employment often feels like some sort of emotional hell. A job seeker might experience the full range of human emotion in a single day… the excitement of a great job interview followed the sting of rejection.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to reach the end of the ride exhilarated and ready to face the future. For that to happen, you have to keep your emotions in check and continue moving forward.

The Job Search Roller Coaster

When you go to an unfamiliar amusement park, you don’t just jump in line to get on the rides. First, you check things out, maybe watch other people ride a few times. You want to know what your jumping in to. Of course, you may not have time to sit around and watch other people ride the job search roller coaster, but you can use this infographic from Monster to see where things are headed.

The infographic shows the impact of your emotions on every twist and turn of the ride. Like a real roller coaster, your heart will sink to your stomach and rise to your head with every dip and rise. Use this information to prepare yourself to keep your emotions and in check and, also, use them to improve your chance for success.

And just to make it easy for you to follow, they’ve used emojis!


job search roller coaster

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