Freelance Jobs: 9 Unconventional Web Sites to Find Your Next Gig

freelance jobsAnyone who seeking freelance jobs knows that being able to find consistent, quality work is pretty darn essential to, you know, not having to pull a Fantine from Les Mis. But finding freelance jobs can be hard, which is why good resources are always needed.

Luckily, now freelancers can find work because of a because of the many gig websites available. 


Konsus, as well as other gig sites, have developed labor stores which are a win for both parties. From Quartz: “More seamless connections between clients and freelancers could mean less time wasted negotiating, searching for jobs, and sorting through resumes. Freelancers could make more money because they have more time to spend working. Konsus guarantees its best freelancers 40 hours of work every week, and they still pay whether or not there are enough client projects to complete; they sometimes work on internal projects.”


Another gig site similar to Konsus, Fiverr has also developed labor stores to increase the benfit for all concerned.


FlexJobs is a great resource for not only finding data on remote, flexible jobs but also finding them.

Peer Hustle

Dubbed as “Uber for freelancers,” Peer Hustle is a real-time on-demand mobile freelancer market and lets clients find local freelancers super easily.


Upwork is a huge market for freelancers of all levels and many different skill sets, including TV writing gigs.


For Toptotal you need to be more established in your career than Upwork as there is an advanced screening project.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is meant for hiring freelancers to replace jobs that computers simply can’t. The clients or “requesters” list “human intelligence tasks,” known as HITs  that freelancers sign on for.


Envato buys and sells creative assets. The community has made over $490 million selling their digital assets.


SoloGig focuses on IT and engineering jobs provides listings of consulting, temporary, contract and freelance jobs in many different fields.

These sites, and others, can provide a steady stream of freelance jobs for those who are willing to put in the time.

In the gig economy, it ceratianly a good place to start.


For this post, we’d like to thank our friends at Levo.





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