Get Organized! Don’t Lose Your Job Search Emails [Infographic]

Your job search seems almost frantic. You find yourself jumping from task to task – an interview here, an application there. Then one day you realize you never heard back from that dream job you interviewed for. So, in a panic, you search through all of your job search emails. Finally, you find it, buried beneath 12 spam emails, 13 auto-responses, and a half a dozen networking replies… an invitation to a second interview… yesterday.

Organize Your Job Search Emails

Yes, a job search can be a frantic time. There’s a lot going on and it can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With a little effort, and just a few minutes a day, you can organize your job search. And you can start by organizing your job search emails. The infographic below from NetCredit shows you how.

Of course, any attempt to de-clutter your inbox begins with reducing the amount of spam you receive. Once you’ve unsubscribed to newsletters and mailing lists things become much easier. Then it’s simply a matter of prioritizing your inbox and setting up a routine. If you commit to spending a few minutes, three times a day, to checking, reading, and deleting, your email will seem much more manageable. And, of course, you reduce the risk of missing another important communication.

To take control of your job search… take control of your inbox.


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