Personal Branding Advice: Listen to the Voice of Reason [Infographic]

In the age of instant global access to information, your online personal brand has become more important than ever. In fact, given the rise of remote work opportunities you may not meet your future employer face-to-face for quite some time. But potential employers will see how you present yourself online. So today’s best personal branding advice is all about helping you create a great first impression.

And today, that happens well before your first in-person meeting.

Universal Personal Branding Advice

To emphasize this, let’s take a look at some personal branding advice intended for an industry that never expects to be seen. This infographic from Gravy for the Brain specifically targets the voiceover industry. (You know, the actors who use their voice to create narration or lend characterization to animated characters.)

The first thing you’ll notice? The advice presented is universal. After all, there’s nothing industry specific about creating a positive online presence, staying consistent across multiple platforms, and developing strong relationships.

So, stop worrying so much about how you look in a suit. Instead, start working on your online personal brand today.

In other words… listen to the “voice” of reason.


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