Leveraging LinkedIn for a More Effective Job Search [Infographic]

Many young pros consider the world’s largest professional network their go-to job hunting resource. And with over 400 million potential contacts and many jobs available… that’s a smart move. But, some people fail to take full advantage of that power. After all, you can’t just post your resume and wait for something to happen. So, you have to ask yourself: are you leveraging LinkedIn in to maximize your job search?

Leveraging LinkedIn

This infographic from Atterro reveals 7 steps to incorporate LinkedIn into your job search for maximum effectiveness. As you’ll see, harnessing the full potential of your LinkedIn profile requires careful coordination with many other aspects of your job search. From integrating your resume to researching target companies, LinkedIn can help you focus your efforts and streamline the process.

Any successful project hinges on using the proper tools for the proper job. LinkedIn is the right tool to help you find the right job!


leveraging linkedin


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