How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand Online [Infographic]

The class of 2017 is about to enter the arena and compete for the world’s top jobs. In at least one way, they may have an advantage. After all, their comfort level with social media helps them understand the power of online personal branding. To compete, you have to get in the game and show the world your powerful personal brand, even before the first interview.

So no matter where you in your career, it’s time to look at your online personal branding.

Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Online

Creating a powerful personal brand online is about more then simply creating social media accounts. As shown in this infographic from IntNetworkPlus, you need to manage your accounts to insure the proper image is being relayed. As you’ll see, you may also need to create a personal webpage to showcase you skills and accomplishments.

Maintaining a personal brand is never easy. It requires a certain amount of dedication to the task. In the end, however, your career may depend on how the world sees you.


powerful personal brand

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