Job Interview Preparation: A Quick Guide to Basic Interview Statistics [Infographic]

Job interview preparation remains one of the most important tasks of any job search. You know you need to practice your answers to common questions. Stylish, professional clothes hang waiting in the closet. You’ve researched the company and prepared intelligent questions to ask. Confidence is high.

But do you really know everything you need to know?

Perhaps you need a quick guide to basic interview statistics…

Job Interview Preparation: Basic Interview Statistics

There’s more to interview preparation than memorizing answers and ironing shirts. You need to know the who, what, where, and why of the interview process. Who is interviewing you? Why are they hiring? What are they looking for? All of these questions are answered in this handy guide to basic interview statistics provided by Hollister Staffing.

Don’t go into the interview blind. Know these statistics, and know what to expect.


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