Job Promotions: It’s Time to Move Up the Ladder [Infographic]

Career experts say that the day you start a new job is the day you should begin planning for your next job. Why? Because job promotions are not a given, they’re earned. And you start earning them from day one.

Planning for Job Promotions

The first and most important thing? Rock the job you have now.

After all, no one wants to promote someone who excel at the task at hand. But you can also begin networking, learn new skills, and promote yourself professionally on social media. Take a look at this infographic from WorkSimple for everything you ever wanted to know about earning a job promotion. It tells you how to put yourself forward and set yourself up for success. It will also teach you how you accelerate the timeline.

In today’s job market, if you wait for a job promotion to come to you… you’ll be waiting for a long time. So, do what you can to start moving now… onward and upward!


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