How to Showcase Those All-Important Leadership Skills on Your Resume

leadership skillsLeadership  skills are one of the most important traits to showcase on your resume. Unfortunately, it’s one of those skills that everyone claims to have… but few know how to list effectively.

So how do you demonstrate strong leadership skills in a concrete, measurable manner on your resume?

Use Specific Leadership Skills Mentioned in the Job Ad

Job ads will, often times, have the type of leadership written into them. This way you customize your resume for the target position. This technique is far more effective than sending everyone the same generic resume.

Provide Solid Examples

Anyone can say they have leadership skills, but not everyone can prove it. Make sure you have examples of achievements to back it up. Good examples may be a story about the time you turned a customer around or led an under-performing team to achieve extraordinary results.

Use Verbs Related to Soft Skills

One of the biggest mistakes executives make when writing resumes is avoiding the use of verbs. A quick way to remedy that is to use verbs that are associated with leadership skills. Examples include “attained”, “eliminated”, “produced” and “recovered.”

Highlight Your Leadership Qualities

Being a leader in the workplace requires the use of multiple soft skills at once. Highlighting your leadership qualities on your resume can help you bring in very important related soft skills into your resume. After all, you can’t be a leader if you don’t know how to deal with people.

Use Measurable, Quantitative Results

If you really want to impress a potential employer with your leadership, find quantitative results to quote on your resume that demonstrate your leadership in action. For example, you could say “Led a team of 12 people to raise $132,000 in 3 months; exceeded quota by 35 percent.

To be successful, chances are you must showcase leadership skills on your resume. Follow these tips, and impress your next employer enough to earn a job offer.


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