Value Blockers: What’s Keeping You from Getting Hired?

value blockersWhat are value blockers? And how do they impact our performance at a job interview?

We all know what it feels like immediately after a job interview. The nagging doubts start to creep in even when you think you’ve done well. Why did I say that? I forgot to talk about that! Maybe I misunderstood that question. Faced with the chance to score a goal, sometimes we shoot wide!

What value blockers get in the way of being our best and showing our true value to an employer?

Surveys say consistently that employers feel most young people are not work-ready. Job applicants often struggle to shine at job interviews because their mindset, skills, and behaviors are lacking on the day of the interview. For example, fear of failure, poor communication, and irrelevant answers to questions block your value from shining through. Maybe you are work-ready but the recruitment process doesn’t bring the best out of you.

Maybe there is simply a mismatch of expectations – what you expect of yourself and what others expect of you. Or maybe you just don’t know how to show your value.

Here are some common value blockers that can prevent you from showing your true worth to an employer at a job interview:


I don’t recognize my value. I’m not clear about my talents, strengths and achievements to date. I don’t know what I am good at that would interest this employer.


I don’t value my experiences and what I’ve achieved to date. Why would an employer want to know about ‘X’? My experiences don’t seem very interesting. I am not worthy, don’t believe in myself, and struggle to talk with pride and confidence. Other people do not value me currently or have not valued me in the past.

Research and Preparation

I don’t know what this employer values, what my worth is to the employer, and if I match up. I haven’t done enough research and feel ill-prepared.


I haven’t enhanced my value by developing or improving myself recently. I don’t know what to do more of, less of, continue doing, do differently or better to increase my value.

Communicating and Engaging

I’m ready and willing, but I can’t put it across verbally. I don’t know how to translate my capability and experience for the benefit of this employer. It’s hard to communicate the value I’ve created to date and the value I will bring to the employer now and in the future. I am lost in translation and don’t know how to show my relevance in an engaging way.

The first step to improving your chances with employers is to recognize the value blockers holding you back. Then you have to find a way to overcome them.



David Shindler AuthorAbout the Author: David Shindler is the author of “Learning to Leap, a Guide to Being More Employable.” An experienced coach and people development expert, David specializes in developing and accelerating employability. He also runs the Employability Hub (a social learning community and resource center) and the Learning to Leap group on LinkedIn and Facebook fan page. Tweet David, or contact him via his website.



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