Remote Jobs: The 10 Best Careers for Working from Anywhere [Infographic]

As technology continues to make staying connected easier, the proliferation of remote jobs is increasing. At present, an estimated 83% of professionals work from home at least occasionally. And apparently, most people prefer it as working remotely surveys as one of the top three most desired employee perks.

Many employees take it even a step further. They say they would be willing to give up other benefits in exchange for working from home.

Remote Jobs: The Wave of the Future

According to a recent survey, 66 percent of professional employees believe their companies will be entirely remote in 5 years. So the future is certainly coming.

But if you want to find a remote job in your field right now, the answer might be found in this infographic from NutCache. Here, they reveal ten great careers for those drawn to the idea of remote jobs, and all that comes with contributing virtually. Sure, many of them fall within the IT arena. But other industries are catching up, every day.

Soon, you won’t have to physically go to work to have a fulfilling career. Instead, you’ll be able to slip on your bathrobe, warm up with your morning coffee, and get straight to business.


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