How to Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform to Tell Your Career Story

linkedin publishing platformYou may not have the knowledge, time or energy to start a blog, But as a job seeker looking for work, what is your excuse for not using the LinkedIn publishing platform?

Can you think of a better way to tell your career story? Display your subject matter expertise? Demonstrate your value to a potential employer?

Come on, as a job seeker, why not jump in?

How To Get Started on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

From your home page on LinkedIn, you may have noticed the “Write an article” button. When you click on this, it takes you to LinkedIn’s publishing (blogging) platform. But before you head over there, you should know why you are writing and who you are writing for.

Answer These Questions First

Your article is the perfect opportunity for you to answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” (your value proposition) These are questions you should answer:

  • What do you do (job title/occupation)
  • Why are you qualified to do this job (certifications, previous experience, etc)
  • What industry experience do you have (paid or unpaid)
  • What types of problems are you great at solving
  • Who benefits from your work (who are your internal or external customers)
  • What makes you one-in-a-million (how do you do what you do differently)
  • What inspires and/or motivates you

Write For Your Target Audience

Hypothetically, you could work in many different companies, but…there are probably a few companies you would really love to work for, right? That’s your audience. As you write your first article, imagine you are writing to someone at one of those dream companies. Use industry terms, keywords, and language you find on their website and in their job descriptions. Explain why you are a perfect match to work for one of them! (Sounds kind of like a cover letter, huh?)

Make It Personal

I know, you want this to sound professional, but you want what you write to be engaging. Write in the first person (use I, me and my). And remember to be flawsome.

In short, “flawsome” is the combination of flawed and awesome! Humans are both! How can you use empathy, humility, humor, character and humanity to showcase you? Does it feel risky? What if someone doesn’t like your imperfections or quirks? Like it or not, we all have them. Why hide them?

Blog Post Ideas for Job Seekers

Here are just a few ideas of things you could write about:

  • Make a list of your favorite resources (work or personal)
  • Share a productivity hack
  • Write a book review or list your top recommendations
  • Create a summary of an important industry trend
  • Write a review about a networking event you attended
  • Write about life lessons or lessons learned
  • Interview someone you respect
  • Write a how-to guide

You could even decide to use the LinkedIn publishing platform to write a series of posts. Maybe you could write about one of your accomplishments.

Include Visuals in Your Post

Posts with images tend to get better engagement and traction, so use them. Visuals are hot! From your LinkedIn profile photo to infographics and testimonials, find images that showcase you, your talent, expertise, and personality!

Your LinkedIn profile (and articles) become your online portfolio!

Additional Benefits of the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Besides having a platform to tell your story, there are more benefits to writing an article on LinkedIn. The most recent articles you write show up in your LinkedIn profile.  (Before your Experience section, so it is pretty prominent!)

You can even share your article on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and of course, LinkedIn. (Increasing awareness across your networks!) Your post becomes online content which is searchable and shareable by others! You also demonstrate your communication skills!

Who knows, LinkedIn may even choose to feature it!

It has been my experience that very few job seekers or career activists are using the LinkedIn publishing platform, so you have the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Sherpa.


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