Closing the Skills Gap: How to Remain Employable in 2017 and Beyond [Infographic]

Much of the workforce will face a significant challenge in the coming years. Advances in automation and technology threaten many blue collar and middle-management jobs in industries ranging from manufacturing to financial services. So for many, the question becomes: How does one remain employable and viable in a rapidly changing world?

The secret may be in understanding that the market is not shrinking, it is merely changing.

In fact, the market seems to be changing too fast for the workforce to keep up. This has created the almost mythical “skills gap” we hear so much about. To remain employable in 2017 and beyond, employees must begin to bridge that gap.

Bridging the Skills Gap to Remain Employable

This infographic from Strayer@Work presents the highlights of their 2017 Skills Index Report. Using this information about in-demand skills – from enterprise software to data analytics to wireless technologies – you can gain the skills necessary to remain employable for the foreseeable future.

Don’t be blown away by the winds of change. Instead, acquire the skills necessary to bridge the skills gap… and stay employed!


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