Teamwork: The 6 Traits You Need to Work Well in a Team [Infographic]

One of the most sought after attributes in today’s job market? The ability to work well in a team. In almost any company, candidates who show they possess the skills necessary to contribute in a team setting have a clear advantage. But what are the traits you must demonstrate to show you excel at teamwork?

6 Traits that Tell You’re Good at Teamwork

Working in a team involves social interaction as well as job skills. The most skilled person in a given field isn’t always the best choice for the job. Especially if that job requires working in a team.

This infographic from CareerExperts reveals the 6 key traits necessary for working in a team. They include social soft skills like communication and adaptability as well more personal traits like respect and dedication. Separately they may seem like “nice to have” character traits. Together, though, they represent a path to good teamwork that anyone can follow.

To be successful in today’s workplace, you must master the skills necessary to promote teamwork. So get started today… and become known as the ultimate team player!





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