One Page Resumes: A Myth of the Past That Simply Must Go Away

one page resumesOne page resumes need to die? Absolutely, positively, and unequivocally.

Unfortunately, the myth of one page resumes keeps getting perpetuated by well-intentioned yet hopelessly outdated career centers advising people to keep it short and sweet.

The real problem for many, even for young professionals with more than a couple internships and jobs? In containing a compelling work history to only a single page, many don’t really get to tell their whole story.

How Many Pages?

Two pages for ambitious young professionals and workforce veterans. Three pages are acceptable for technical people, educators, managers and executives. So what changed? Understanding the perspective of the hiring manager, recruiter or headhunter is key.

Bottom line: They are willing to keep reading if you are providing meaningful and meaty content.

What to Include

Don’t blather on to fill pages. But if you do have a lot of accomplishments, the reader will gladly keep going so they get a better sense of what it is you have to offer. Recently, I met with Derek Zeller, who is a well-respected recruiter nationally who also is a contributing writer for Recruiting Daily.

I posed the following question to him: “What is one of your biggest pet peeves as a recruiter?”

His answer: People who only provide one page résumés.

So go ahead. You have permission. Take two pages. The more information you provide that is helpful for making the business case for hiring you, the GREATER your odds are of being selected for the next step.

Measurable Results

As always, provide measurable results to demonstrate how you made a difference at the company, and therefore moved the needle forward. Remember, recruiters are parsing your résumé to find out how you made a difference at a company. They do so as a basis to gauge what you might be able to do for the job opening.

So take the space, but make sure you curate it carefully.


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