Quick Job Search: How to Find Your Next Job in Just 7 Days

quick job searchLet’s face it – life happens. Sometimes, we need to find a job fast so we can keep the bills from piling up. Which means you need to kick-start your efforts. But don’t worry, a quick job search is possible.

Sure, it’s a lot of hard work. But you knew that already, didn’t you? 

So let’s look at some tips to help find your next job in just seven days.

Tell Your Story

To get a job in 7 days, begin by letting people know that you are looking for a job. To your entire network, describe what kind of job you are looking for along with your qualifications.

Next, create a marketable description of yourself that will quickly sell you. You can modify this description in accordance with the position you are targeting. This will also prepare you for questions and the answers that you need to give.

Make Your List

The next step in a quick job search is to identify the companies that you want to work for. Create a list of possible employers. This should include a few that have not posted vacancies. Find job postings through various resources such as websites.

Do Your Homework

After establishing who you want to work for, find out more about the companies. This will require you to carry out research into their backgrounds, the services or products they provide and the type of people they hire. Next, get in touch with people who are in your network of contacts who work at those companies.

Work Your Network

Focus on people who have links to the employers that interest you most. If you are looking for a full time job, your contacts will be able to provide you with leads. Your contacts can also help you find out if you need to provide any additional information in your resume on how to improve your chances of getting employment. Let your career based contacts know that you are available.

Reach Out and Connect

Get in touch with prospective employers and use the professional description you created to sell yourself. You will usually receive a very short amount of time to express yourself. Every second counts and you need to be well prepared for the opportunity. So, speak with enthusiasm and deliver your brief presentation confidently.

Tailor and Apply

You also need to send out applications for various jobs and structure your resumes to fit the needs of different employers. Find out how to create an effective resume through a site like ValidateJOB. Create different resumes that you will customize for each application.

Spread the Love

Apply generously. Even if the job is a bit of a stretch, consider applying. Those outside your comfort zone could potentially help you grow even more as a professional. With your positive approach and eagerness to learn, you may not only get the desired job but also discover the best of you. If there is a company you are interested in but no vacancy has been advertised, you can make a bold step by sending an introductory letter. It should be brief and to the point while expressing your interest in working for the company.

Follow Up

As the week draws to a close, get in touch with every company that you sent a job application to. Always have your phone close to you when you are looking for a job so that you do not miss out on any opportunity. You never know when it might ring!

A quick job search is not the ideal way to transition between jobs. But sometimes life throws you a curve ball. If your prepared… you’ll be gainfully employed again in no time.


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