Interview Speed Prep: Be Ready for Anything in 30 Minutes [Infographic]

In a perfect world you would have plenty of time to prepare for an important job interview. But the world isn’t perfect. Things happen. Not even HR professionals can plan for everything. So they call you to come in for a last-minute interview. You know that preparation is the key to a successful interview, but that takes days, right? No, not if you take the time for some interview speed prep.

Interview Speed Prep

When you need to prepare quickly for your next interview, this infographic from Ideal Candidate is just what you need. Not only do they dispense some great job interview advice, they walk you through a minute by minute process that will have you prepared for any interview in 30 minutes or less.

Sure, taking a day or three to prepare is probably best. But it’s never too late to prepare. And you certainly have 30 minutes to spare!


interview speed prep



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