4 Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Your Summer Internship

summer internshipCompanies hire interns every year for a variety of reasons. Among them: It’s a cost-effective way to increase production and a great way to evaluate potential hires. Simply Hired takes on several interns every year in a successful summer internship program.

Many articles from experts point out that, as an intern, you should be proactive, humble, helpful and more.

But what about the perspective of the interns? How do they see their roles? How do they get the most of the intern experience?

We asked former Simply Hired interns to share their thoughts about how they got the most value out of their summer internship. They came up with four key takeaways, which we share here…

Time is Money

Most internships have an expiration date, whether it is six months or two. To make every minute count, go into your internship program expecting to achieve concrete results, or ask for a concrete project. Being proactive is critical during an internship because the clock is ticking.

Gustav, an engineering intern said, “As long as you are there you want to get everything done ASAP and move onto the next project. If you don’t put time constraints then you will never get anything done. Especially because things take longer than you expect.”

Beryl, a design intern, added that, “Because time is limited, it’s hard to speed up the projects, so knowing there’s an expiration date motivates me to work more efficiently.”

Grades Aren’t Relevant Anymore

In school your work is independent of others, and you work towards a grade. In the working world you become a part of a bigger picture. You work in a company, as part of a team, and your presence has an impact. Instead of being measured by grades you are evaluated by the quality of your work. To impress your manager you want to track and measure your impact.

As you wrap up your internship program you should not only think about the goals your supervisor has set for you but also the tangible results of your work. For instance, Gustav points out that although his project has not been fully launched yet, he expects it to increase repeat website visitors and  time on page.

When meeting with your manager for a conversation around your performance, you can discuss the impact of your work and ask for input. This habit is also beneficial for your resume as it showcases your achievements.

Your Company Wants You to Succeed

Don’t be intimidated. Ask questions, branch of out of your comfort zone, and voice your ideas. You might be tempted to stick with the other interns, who you view as your peers, but this is a mistake. Instead, take the opportunity to understand the nuances of the professional working world and build relationships with older coworkers. You are there because the company wants you to be there and values your input. Seize this opportunity to meet and work with as many people as possible.

Recruiter Avni Shah said that, “We hire interns so that way we can give college grads real world experience and for the fresh perspective they bring.”

Mikhail, an engineering intern, said, “Don’t be intimidated. You are here to learn and everyone is there to help you learn. You should take advantage of that.”

Every Internship Has Value

If there is one thing any intern should do, it’s this: learn about yourself. Did you enjoy your summer internship program? And why? Is it because you work well in a certain environment? Did you find this industry interesting? Shreya, a business development intern, said that she chose an internship with Simply Hired because, “The project here seemed like something I had not done before. I didn’t want to repeat past internship experience. My main goal was to get more exposure to different types of work.”

If you aren’t interning for the money, the contacts or the opportunity to work on a cool project, then do it to better understand yourself–your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and how you envision your career. Finish your internship program knowing that you have come to understand yourself a little better.

One final note for interns: always ask your manager for contact information and a reference.

Leave on a positive note, as you never know who will be helpful in the future. The relationship shouldn’t end just because your summer internship did.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Simply Hired.


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