Alumni Networking: A Great Job Search Strategy on LinkedIn

alumni networkingAre you looking for the easiest way to research and find alumni on LinkedIn? LinkedIn has the most amazing alumni networking functionality. After all, there is an Alumni page for every college and university.

This hidden LinkedIn feature is invaluable for college students as well as workforce veterans!

Alumni networking is a great strategy for your job search because you share the school experience and that makes a warmer way for you to introduce yourself. If you haven’t reached out to alumni (or classmates) yet, then here are several different ways you can use LinkedIn’s alumni resource.

Where to Find Alumni Networking Options

You can type in the college or university name from the search bar at the top. Make sure you select the school’s university page. Also, from your profile, you can click on your school’s logo.  Either should take you to the school’s page where you will find the “See alumni” button. (and you can do this for any school, whether you went there or not!) Click on it!

You will find alumni information including:

  • where they live
  • where they work
  • what they do

You can filter the results of what you see by clicking on the bars under each. This will show only those alumni who meet that criteria. You can also search by year alumni attended or graduated. You can also search by company name, title or any other keyword in the search bar with the magnifying glass.

When you scroll down the page, you will see alumni who meet the criteria you filtered or searched for.

WARNING. If you are not connected to the person but do want to connect, always go to the person’s profile page before clicking on the connect button. This ensures you can add a message to your invite. And yes, you always want to send a personalize message when you invite someone to connect on LinkedIn.

More Filtering Options

Besides being able to filter by the above-mentioned criteria, you can also filter and view results by:

  • what they studied
  • what they are skilled at
  • how you are connected

To get to this second page, look at the top right for “< Previous  Next >”

Find Alumni By Where They Work (Worked)

Are you looking for career advice or want to know how you can get your foot in the door with your dream company? Simple. If the company is listed, click on the bar to show people who currently work for that company or did work for that company. You can also search for the company by typing the company name in the search window.

Scroll down below the aggregate information and you’ll see the profile summary of alumni. You’ll also see the option to “connect” but remember, don’t click on it.  Then click through on the person’s profile and invite from there so you can personalize the message you send.

On the next page of search results, take notice of the top skills people who work in those companies have. Hint, hint: have you listed those skills in your LinkedIn profile (if you have them)?

Search By Year Graduated (or Attended)

You can enter a range of years alumni attended your school or if you want to see which classmates you graduated with are on LinkedIn. You can also change the “attended” to “graduated” by clicking on the triangle/arrow.

Search By Geography

Do you want to relocate to a new city? Then try looking for fellow alumni in a new city to make your transition easier. Or maybe you just want to catch up with local alumni.  Search for the city under the “where they live” column or if you don’t see it, type the city in the search window.  As you can see below, LinkedIn gave me more than what I was asking for.

Alumni networking continues to be one of the most powerful job search networking strategies. LinkedIn is uniquely set to help. So, take advantage of these hidden features to grow your network and improve you job search today.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Sherpa.


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