What Does Your Ideal Workplace Look Like? [Infographic]

What is your idea of the ideal workplace?

Leafy, green potted plants populate the corners of a large, corner office filled with plush, overstuffed, leather furniture. The sun streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking pristine white, sugar-sand beaches bordering the crystal sparkle of a blue-green ocean. Only the most professional, likable people stroll down the palm-lined cobblestone paths…

Ok, maybe that’s not what we mean by the ideal workplace, but it’s nice to dream.

Your Ideal Workplace

For many of us, our personality often dictates what we consider to be an ideal workplace: how we want to work and what we want our workspace to look like. People who are socially adept, for instance, often prefer an open office environment. Individuals who are more private, may enjoy a closed office door. Some of us even wish we could work from home because we’re more comfortable in our PJs. It’s not just all about what makes us most comfortable, though.

Good companies are beginning to realize that what makes us comfortable also makes us more productive.

This infographic from the folks at Quill.com will help you determine the ideal workplace for your personality type. It starts with understanding which of the six basic personality types in John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice you fall into. Then, it goes on to describe the workplace environment most suited to who you are.

You may not have much say in your workplace environment. But at least you’ll know what to look for in your next job search.


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