Graduation Expectations: The 10 Most In-Demand Careers for 2017

graduation expectationsThere are more people making their way through post-secondary education now than ever before. This increase in graduation expectations has both positives and negatives for those looking to start their careers.

On the positive side, the increase means that it was likely easier for them to access higher education, which may not have been possible in the past. But, on the negative, that influx of graduates means greater competition and a saturation of the candidate pool.

For those with high graduation expectations, here are ten of the most in-demand careers you can anticipate finding upon graduation.

Technical Architect

We are living deep within the age of digital technology, so the needs of businesses are becoming more and more centered around the digital sphere. To excel in this career, demonstrate quality management skills coupled with the necessary technical skills. Technical architects oversee IT assignments that improve business functions. Those with high graduation expectations will find that jobs in the tech field, such as this, are plentiful at CW Jobs.


The world of finance can be a confusing place for those who aren’t deeply involved in it. Companies are looking for accountants and other financial experts who are able to translate that complex financial language into easy to understand talk for those non-finance members of the company who are involved in big decision making, such as restructuring. A great knowledge of finance, coupled with a keen sense of what can be expected for the future in the financial world is the perfect pairing of skills for this career. Connect with other career-minded individuals and find job opportunities as a Senior Accountant through LinkedIn.

Data Analyst

Big data has become a huge component of the business world, so individuals with the skills and abilities to look at that data, analyze it, and draw solid conclusions are a valuable asset to a business. The applications of data analysis are endless, so it’s expected that there will be a huge influx of opportunities available in this field for those with graduation expectations. Indeed and Monster are great resources for finding a career as a Data Analyst.

Human Resources

The ability to organize and manage structural changes within a company is essential for this job. It has become more of a strategic role than it has traditionally been in the past. Designed to get the most performance from a team of employees, in an effort to meet the objectives of the company, the role of the HR Manager involves supporting employees and helping to build and maintain a positive relationship between them and their workplace. Find postings for HR Management positions on Eluta, for those in Canada, and on Workopolis or Essay services no matter where you’re located.

Hospitality Manager

This is one position that is nearly impossible to do properly if you don’t have a passion for the business. Involving everything from the finances to the management of the staff, a Hospitality Manager needs to demonstrate a wide variety of skills and embrace a number of different roles. Communication skills are a must, along with a solid ability to run the day-to-day operations. The best indication of a job well done in this field, is a happy team of employees and satisfied customers. Check out H Careers for all jobs related to the field of hospitality.


Trades are always in demand, and there will be no shortage of that demand for plumbers in the coming year. Those plumbers who set themselves apart are the ones who are able to easily explain things to their customers. Then, they complete the job honestly and effectively. Localize your search for plumbing jobs, by using Workopolis.

Customer Officer

Online shopping is growing more and more each day. It is becoming an increasingly larger part of the sales a retailer sees. As a result, individuals with great customer interaction skills are in high-demand to fulfill roles as Customer Officers. Round out their skills with vast social media experience, solid communication skills and strategic abilities, and candidates are well on their way to establishing themselves and excelling in this career.  Glass Door helps you search for and find Customer Officer positions.

Digital Marketer

In the increasingly online driven world of business, digital marketers are becoming more and more in demand. Creating content, as well as a keen understanding of how to optimize that content is the main task. Where do you find these jobs? Check out EssayRoo, Upwork and Write my essay.

Java Developer

There’s a continual need for innovation in the field of digital development. So, there’s an ongoing demand for those well versed in the world of java development. Having extraordinary skills in all aspects of java script, CSS, XML and more is, an absolute non-negotiable in this role. But, because java developers generally work on projects from their inception through to their completion, it’s also beneficial to have the ability to work independently, in addition to working within a team. Hays Recruiting is looking to place experienced Java Developers in rewarding positions.

Information Security Specialist

With so many advancements in technology, and with so much business moving to a digital and online platform, the risk for breaches of information is ever-increasing. There’s an ongoing growing need for Information Security Specialists, who are able to mitigate risk. Find exactly what you’re looking for, with the specialized focus of IT Career Finder.

As graduates look towards the end of their final school year, the possibilities that await them are limitless. In an ever-changing world, those with graduation expectations this year can anticipate a high demand for these jobs. They should start preparing now to best ready themselves.


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