A Career Toolkit for College Graduates [Infographic]

For millions of college students across the country, graduation day looms large. After all, it’s almost time to step out of your life as a student and begin a new one… your career. Of course, you have many questions. What types of skills and core competencies should I be equipped with when I graduate? What are some things that will set me apart from other candidates? Also, how do I hit the ground running and be successful? To help answer these questions, you need to build a career toolkit.

Your Career Toolkit

A good career toolkit includes all the skills, competencies, and strategies necessary to find the right job. Then land it, and succeed. You already possess many of the most essential tools. To remind you of the tools you have and how to use them, take a look at this infographic from The Campus Career Coach. It provides you with a working career toolkit complete with instructions on how to use the tools you already possess.

Graduating from college and entering the working world can be scary. But it also represents the beginning of a great adventure. Like any significant project we undertake, chances for success depend on the tools we use.

Use the career toolkit below, and build yourself a bright and successful future.


career toolkit



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