The Interview Follow-Up Email: More Important than You Think [Infographic]

As you shake hands and walk from the interview room, you feel confident. You think you did well. But there’s still one more important aspect of your job interview that, done well, could help earn you a job offer: You still need to follow-up. An artfully written interview follow-up email shows that you’re a professional, and that you care about the job.

The Interview Follow-Up Email

Like your resume or cover letter, there’s an art to writing an effective interview follow-up email. A quick email is often an effective way to keep yourself firmly in the minds of the interviews. You need to be careful though. Things like timing, length, and content are important. This infographic from The Sales Pro Blog will point you in the right direction. With the help of this graphic, you’ll be able to pinpoint when to send your follow-up email and to whom. It will also give you some tips on what to say. (After all, you don’t want seem desperate.)

The wait after the interview can seem like torture, especially if you feel you did well. You can take back some of the control by sending a well-crafted job interview follow-up email.


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