5 Professional Interview Tips from a Staffing Service CEO

professional interview tipsIn addition to budding flowers and new life, Spring is also the season of job interviews. And who better to get interview tips from then someone who has risen to the top? Thomas Moran, CEO of Addison Group, a provider of professional staffing and search services, shared some of his best professional interview tips with us.

As shown below, “There are a lot of things to consider and prepare for before an interview. But with a little practice and training, anyone can go into an interview and leave the best impression possible,” he said.

1. Get There Early

Don’t just be on time. Be a few minutes early, but not so much so that you throw your interview off their schedule. Professional interview tips don’t come more basic than this.

2. Charm the Receptionist

You may think this person doesn’t matter, but they absolutely do. Because the receptionist is the first person an interviewee faces, they are often asked about the politeness and professionalism of the interviewee. “Along with eye contact, body language is very important. Refrain from fidgeting as it often comes across as nervous and don’t cross your arms as it can make the interviewee look closed off,” explains Moran.

3. Know Your Stuff

This is not the time to wing it. You need to know this company inside and out. Its history, big events, and where it stands at the present time.

Also be sure to understand the position. Know what it requires, any duties, responsibilities, and expectations. So, ask pertinent questions, like who the supervisor is, how and why people have failed in the past, and goals for the first six months or year.

4. Don’t Be a Debbie Downer

According to Moran, one mistake interviewees make is speaking negatively of current or former employers. So, if the interviewer asks what you liked the least about a previous company, try to stay as positive as possible and explain how you benefited from the experience.

5. Always Say Thank You

Saying thank you will never go out of style. “While hard copy thank you notes are still often encouraged, in today’s technologically advanced world it’s acceptable to send an email as it is a faster and more direct method,” said Moran.

You seek professional advice for everything else in your life. Why are listening to your roommate about job interviews? These professional interview tips come straight from the source. Use them to your advantage.


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