How to Stay Productive No Matter How Tired You Are [Infographic]

How do you stay productive at work, even when you’re tired?

Research suggests that workers are putting in  longer hours than ever before. Almost a full day more than the traditional 40-hour work week. Not because companies force them to, but because they choose to. This is especially true of young professionals who think that working harder will help them make a name for themselves.

Well, this may be true, but working longer isn’t always working better.

The fatigue, risk of illness, and potential for mistakes can actually decrease productivity. But sometimes, when you’re up against a deadline, you have to work long hours.

Here’s How to Stay Productive

No matter how hard we try to schedule adequate sleep, there will always be times when we are just tired and rundown. We can’t, however, afford to let it keep us from working at our full potential.

To help you conquer those sluggish days, STL has created this infographic filled with helpful tips and tricks. Prolific inventor Thomas Edison claimed his secret for staying productive without sleep for days was taking 5-minute power naps. Now, that may not work great for everyone. But take a look at the information below… you’re sure to find something that clicks for you!

How do you stay productive when tired? What is your secret?


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