7 Pre-Interview Tips to Help You Excel in Every Job Interview

pre-interview tipsJob seekers: What are the best pre-interview tips you’ve ever heard?

The job search brings with it a number of different tasks that you must have down pat before you can expect to earn a job offer. From making sure you’re qualified, to writing a killer cover letter and résumé, everything matters.

Nothing matters more, though, than nailing the job interview.

To help make sure you excel in every job interview, here are seven very good pre-interview tips… perhaps the best you’ve ever heard.

Look the Company Up on Glassdoor

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s something that you need to remember. Finding out about how your prospective employer runs through its Glassdoor account and reviews can help you realize what you’re getting into. How should you dress: stylish or conservative? What kind of people will you meet: old-school or contemporary? Whatever the case, it’s the site is a goldmine for assisting you pre-interview.

Check the Company’s Facebook/Twitter, Too

Your potential employer’s social media accounts will give you an even better idea of what to expect, especially personality-wise. The aforementioned dry wit will come through in a more obvious manner, as will any other aspects of the company. How is their sense of humor? Conservative or liberal? You should find your answer here.

Have Five Résumé Copies & References Available

You never know how many people will need a copy of your résumé and it also never hurts to have extra references readily available. Just think: What if one or two of your references doesn’t pick up when they’re called? You will want to have backup.

Have an “Interview Prep Kit” Ready

Whether it’s in your purse, your briefcase, or your car, have a kit somewhere so that you can, say, deal with any stains, odd scuffs, misplaced documents, etc… You shouldn’t go overboard with this, so just make sure you have backups of stuff like stain removers, any makeup you wear, your résumé, and the like.

Inquire About The Interview Format

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a quick question or two at the HR person. Some companies like to ask brain teasers and serve up riddles to see how you handle stress or critical thinking. You may not get a straight answer when you call ahead, but give it a shot.

Have Five Top Achievements Ready To Discuss

Be sure to have some brief notes available that outline a handful of the best projects you have done previously. Be ready to talk about why and how they were a success, meaning you should have numbers, percentages, etc… at your disposal during this discussion.

Have Questions Ready for Your Interviewee

At this point in the conversation (aka “the conclusion”), you should be prepared to have some questions for whomever it is you’re speaking with. This is where some of the previous tips—such as reading their social media pages can really come in handy. If you’re looking to get into their marketing department, for example, you can ask what’s been successful for them, what their goals are, and so on.

Hopefully these seven pre-interview tips will leave you feeling better prepared and ready to conquer your next interview.

Best of luck!


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