Recruiters Reveal: The Career Resources You Need to Win the Job [Infographic]

A simple resume template and actionable interview advice aren’t all that hard to find. After all, when it comes to career resources, Google is your best friend. But in our “everyone is an expert” world, it is sometimes hard to separate valuable advice from the not-at-all-helpful. But we must.

Because what good are all of those resources if they don’t actually help you win the job?

Fresh from Recruiters: Top Career Resources

With the help of recruiting professionals, PPE Headquarters put together this tell-all infographic. Here, you’ll see which resources will help you win a position with a great company. From online resume building services to use of the right action words to interview deal-breakers, it’s in here.

Sure there’s a lot of advice out there. But if you want advice from the people actually doing the hiring, and win the job, you came to the right place.


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