Job Compensation: More Than Just a Cash Grab [Infographic]

Many people think of job compensation in terms of that iconic line from the film, “Jerry McGuire.” You know the line… “Show me the money!”

While salary is certainly an important consideration, life is more than just a cash grab. So, you need to find a delicate balance between financial rewards, fulfilling work and personal growth.

What to Look for in Job Compensation

When you consider job compensation packages from prospective employers, what should you think about besides salary?

To help answer that question, we present this infographic from Accounting Principals. Here, you’ll see that a job compensation package can include anything from medical benefits to vacation days. In addition, more progressive companies are even offering broader perks like flexible scheduling.

So before you jump at the highest paying offer, think about the role you want your job to play in your life. Look for benefits, beyond salary, that make you want to work there.

It’s your life and it’s your job. Make sure the total package, and not just salary, is right for you.


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