Increase Productivity With a Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

We all go to work tired on occasion. Perhaps some of us more often than others. Life happens. We stayed out a bit too late with friends, the game went into overtime, or we just couldn’t fall asleep. Then the alarm clock sounds and we drag ourselves to work un-refreshed and still half asleep. But have you ever thought about how getting more sleep might increase productivity?

Science has. And so has your employer.

A Good Night’s Sleep Can Increase Productivity

Scientific research has long since established the link between getting enough sleep and being productive. In fact, some research suggests that lack of sleep can affect not just physical work but mental tasks like decision-making and innovative thinking. So when you’re tired, you not only produce less but the quality of what you produce suffers.

With so much riding on a good night’s sleep, you need to make bedtime a priority.

This infographic from GetVoIP presents 18 science-backed tips for getting the sleep you need to be creative, innovative, and productive. You’ll find tips about what to avoid before going to sleep and what environmental conditions promote optimum rest.

So, turn out the lights, pull the shades down tight, and crawl into bed. Tomorrow isn’t just another day, it just may be your most productive day yet.


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