Resume Power: The Fuel That Keeps Your Job Search Running [Infographic]

A generic resume can stall your job search, even before you get out of the driveway. With hundreds of candidates vying for the same job, submitting the same, tired resume won’t win any races. To fuel a successful job search, step on the gas and apply some resume power.

Use Your Resume Power

Ok, so the “car” metaphor is a little bit corny. The truth is, however, that a job search is a lot like a race. It’s a competition and you need all the right parts, working in unison, to win. In any race, the faster you start, the better your chances of finishing first.

With that in mind, think of this infographic from as as your own personal pit crew. As you’ll see, it will show you how to write high-performance parts and fit them together to produce the most power. The result: a powerfully fast resume.

And with a powerful resume, ready to go, the competition will be stalled while you’ll get the checkered flag.


resume power

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