4 Post-Interview Actions That Will Help You Land the Job

post-interview actionsRegardless of how great your interview goes, you’re going to worry about the outcome. After all, you and the employer must consider many variables. Luckily, there are four post-interview actions you can take not long after you leave the interview chair to help alleviate the uncertainty.

Want to land that job? Follow these tips, and get ready to hear two magical words: “You’re hired!”

Dive Into Research

Now that your interview is complete, conduct some research based on the conversations that you had and the interview insight gained. Follow up with your own independent search on industry trends or hot topics related to the job and industry you’re going for.

Chances are good that during your interview the hiring manager mentioned plans for the company’s future and direction. So perform any related research that sheds light on tips and trends in relation to their desired growth. Also, look up similar niches and see who’s already doing something similar and take examples from ways in which they are doing it well.

Show Off Your Skills

If you really want to stand out, it’s a nice touch to show off your skills in real time. The action here will be based on the job you are going for, but either way it should be a fresh, tangible proof of work (For example, a blogger might create a sample post, a social media manager could draft a mock marketing plan, etc.).

Show off your understanding of what the job is really about, and reveal your enthusiastic interest to make an impact. Keep this document as a separate attachment, you’ll be using it in your next step…

Thank You +Plus

With your research and sample work done, its time to draft a short and sweet thank you email…with a little something extra. Here’s an example as to how you can apply everything thus far and make an impressive splash in a hiring manager’s inbox:

Hello <Hiring Manager’s Name> –

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today. It was a pleasure to discuss <A Research> and how it relates to <relevant topic>.

I’ve attached an outline of my thoughts <Attach Sample> that will provide insight into how I will approach this position once the opportunity to prove myself is extended.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Kindest Regards,

<Your Name>

<Your Contact Information>

Keep Applying

Until you are sitting at a new desk, you should not stop applying to new jobs.  You never know the unique circumstances that will require you to keep looking. For instance, even after you’ve blown the hiring manager away and are offered a job, it is more than possible the offer (pay, schedule, requirements) won’t serve your needs. So the job hunt requires you to pick up a certain rhythm and flow. No matter how good things looked in the moment, keep up the work by applying until your find the perfect professional fit!

A job search can be a very tense time. And no time feels more tense than the days following an important interview. Alleviate that tension by being proactive and taking these post-interview actions… and land that job!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Simply Hired.


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