What Hiring Managers Really Think: The Thought Process Behind Hiring Decisions [Infographic]

You swing open the door and saunter into the room. You can almost hear the arid wind whispering in the saguaro cactus. In your mind, you hear the telltale whistle of a Hollywood western. Then, your eyes narrow as they spot your foe. Your fingers twitch at your side as a lone tumbleweed dances between you. Well… that’s your thought process as you enter the job interview room. But what is the interviewer thinking? Even more important, how do they make hiring decisions?

The Thought Process Behind Hiring Decisions

A job interview doesn’t have to be a tense standoff. After all, there are no enemies. You want a job and the interviewer wants to fill one. So what makes the situation so tense? We simply don’t know what the hiring manager is looking for. We also don’t know what they’re thinking.

This infographic from Volt provides a glimpse into the minds of employers, HR professionals and hiring managers. It gives you the rundown on who they’re hiring, what skills they’re looking for, and also how their thought process leads to hiring decisions.

Armed with this information, you now have the upper hand in this duel of wits.


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