LinkedIn Checklist: Shape Up Your Profile for a Successful Job Search [Infographic]

If you’re not using LinkedIn to enhance your job search, what are you waiting for? An estimated 10.2 million people found a job with the help of LinkedIn last year alone. And 96% of recruiters and HR professionals use social media in some way to screen applicants. So failing to maintain a professional LinkedIn profile hurts your chances at finding the job you really want. This LinkedIn checklist can help.

The LinkedIn Checklist

Many of our social media profiles grow, in an organic way, as we use them. A LinkedIn profile requires a more targeted strategy. After all, it exists primarily as a professional networking tool. You can’t just sign up, create a profile, add a few details, leave it unattended and hope it blossoms over time.

Developing an effective LinkedIn profile takes a step-by-step approach. This infographic from provides you with a simple LinkedIn checklist to track your progress. As you go down the list, check off the tasks you finish, take notes, and plan ahead.

Once you complete this LinkedIn checklist, you’ll be the proud owner of an effective, professional profile.

And in today’s work of world, that is exactly what your career needs.



LinkedIn Checklist



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