Online Profiles and Today’s Employers: Who’s Looking at You, Kid? [Infographic]

As you probably know, social media plays a major role in the modern job search. Most companies research your online profiles to help them make an informed decision. Many use social as a recruiting tool.

Who’s Looking at Your Online Profiles?

This brief infographic from CareerBuilder shows how many employers are checking you out by major industry. More important, it shows just how vital it is to have quality online profiles. After all, employers aren’t just looking for incriminating photos. They also search the profiles of candidates to evaluate things like cultural fit and credibility.

So, make sure the “social media you” supports your resume and helps sell your personal brand. And of course, don’t do anything in poor taste in the public domain.

You are not imagining things. You really are being watched.

Sometimes, though, that is a good thing.


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