Startup Checklist: Are You Ready to Go from Employee to Entrepreneur? [Infographic]

You think of yourself as a free spirit. You go your own way, do your own thing. It’s time to start your own business and show the world who you really are. Or is it? Before you quit your job to embark on that entrepreneurial venture, look at this startup checklist from The Founder Institute to make sure you’re ready.

The Startup Checklist

There is much to consider when you’re thinking about giving up gainful employment for the risk of a startup:

First of all, you have to want it for the right reasons. Because if you think starting a company is all about prestige, money and power, you may find yourself disappointed.

Second, do you have the drive to see it through? Starting a company takes more than just an idea. An idea is important, but becoming a success requires hard work and perseverance as well.

Once you develop your idea, you need to create a pitch and sell it. Then you do market research and garner feedback. In the end, you have to ask yourself if your ready to fail. Because there’s always a chance you will.

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Everyone wants to throw off the yoke of the daily grind. We want to go out and conquer the world on our own terms – in our own way.  Before you jump, however, take a good, long look at the infographic below and ask yourself…

Are you ready to go from employee to entrepreneur?


startup checklist



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