15 Career Driven Questions to Ask During Your Next College Tour

career driven questionsFor high school students, touring college campuses provides much insight. You see first-hand the facilities and community that could be home for the next four years. Of course, most prospective students will ask about dorms, dining hall food, courses and curricula and even campus safety. But they don’t ask the important career driven questions.

Too bad. Because this is also a great time to look ahead at what comes after college: your career.

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to inquire about all roads – job placement, career services, and internships – that may lead to a fulfilling career path.

To make the most of your campus visits, especially when it comes to post-grad employment, prepare career driven questions to determine if the college is right for you – now, and in your future.

Career Driven Questions

Use this comprehensive list of 15 career driven questions to get started!

  1. What is the career center like?
  2. How many students gets an internship?
  3. Do you have an active alumni network?
  4. Are alumni connections utilized? How may I go about doing that?
  5. How do students add “real world experience” while at this school?
  6. What type of career services do you have?
  7. Does your school offer mentoring programs?
  8. What work-based learning opportunities are available?
  9. Are career-based volunteer opportunities available?
  10. Are there career-related student groups or associations?
  11. How do current students work to build their career network?
  12. Are there courses available where “flip” teaching is available? (Students learn content outside of class in ‘real world’ then problem-solve while actually in the classroom.)
  13. Are there career fairs?
  14. What placement services does the school offer to help graduates find jobs?
  15. Does the school have a co-op program?

Asking these career driven questions will help you gain valuable insight into whether the school can help you achieve your future goals.

You Are the Recruiter

As the student, the school certainly recruits you. But you should be just as engaged in recruiting the right school. One with the resources you need to succeed both in college and your career!


Chad Dorman AuthorAbout the Author: Chad Dorman is the Founder and Director of Leonard Andrew Consulting. In developing student athletes, Chad’s team evenly blends academics and athletics to find the best school, and the best team, for players to showcase their abilities. LAC develops an action plan for each student athlete and proactively helps players through the steps of the recruiting process – guiding them to an understanding of the NCAA’s rules and regulations, reviewing the various scholarship opportunities that are available, as well as putting them in contact with a vast network of coaches and programs. Follow Chad on Twitter!



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