The Introvert’s Guide to a Confident Job Interview [Infographic]

A job interview can reduce even the most extroverted among us into a mass of nerves. After all, your future hangs in the balance. For those on the introverted side, though, a confident job interview performance may seem like an impossibility. Not that being an introvert means you lack confidence. It just means you’re might feel less than comfortable in group situations.

A Confident Job Interview is Possible

The key to a confident job interview involves a great deal of planning and preparation. And that goes for before, during and after the interview.

As you will see, this infographic from CashNetUSA can help even us introverts set up for a great interview. As they say, planning your strategy, preparing answers, and relaxing beforehand helps you enter with confidence. During the interview, take their advice and take time to think about your answers. Also, take a minute to make a personal connection with the interviewer. And when it’s all over? Doing something fun to recharge is solid advice.

Take a deep breath. And show them the job belongs to you. Introverted, or not.


confident job interview



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