Do You Know the Industry Specific Skills Required for Your 2017 Job Search?

industry specific skillsWith 2017 now in full swing, many job seekers have resumed their job search. But many of them haven’t yet adapted their search to include the skills and keywords required in our global economy. Rather than learning about new industry specific skills, they are stuck in 2016.

Which means they aren’t planning their job search and applications around today’s relevant skill sets. Too bad, because it is easy to enhance your resume by taking an online course. It’ also easy to tailor your resume to current resume keywords.

Adding new job skills is a great way to make your resume stand out.

And isn’t that what you want, considering the flood of incoming applications employers will receive in 2017?

Engineering and Technology

No surprise here: tech skills are among the top industry specific skills to have on your resume in 2017. Specifically, cloud and distributed computing skills are among the best skills to list. Other in-demand skills include statistical analysis, data mining, and user interface design. All of these are necessary to help companies stay competitive. If you have them, be sure these skills are listed on your resume. After all, you’ve already got the advanced skills necessary to ace your job search.

Business and Marketing

Administrative and basic business skills are always desirable, though perhaps not to the degree that tech skills currently are. Over the past few years, online marketing skills have been in high demand. Now, the number of people with marketing skills has caught up to the demand for these industry specific skills. The moral of the story? Knowledge of online marketing is less useful on a resume this year. Still, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are among the top ten skills for 2017.

Creative Fields and Graphic Design

Graphic design skills are crucial in an increasingly technological world. Every company, after all, needs an inviting, aesthetically appealing website or app design. While creative and artistic skills are always in demand, they may not receive the attention they deserve. So how do you make a creative resume more competitive? Consider taking an online coding class or learning some new tech skills. You could also boost your resume with an online certification.

Entry-Level Positions

Yes, requested skill sets will vary depending on the position requirements. But in-demand skills for entry level jobs often include the basics. Skills like filing and data entry, phone skills at the very least. And customer service and administrative experience are always helpful. General computer literacy is a must. So is knowledge of programs such as Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Other requested entry-level skills may include working knowledge of different social media platforms. Blogging and WordPress experience is always welcomed. So are basic programming skills (i.e. knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). In need of a quick way to improve your resume for job applications? Consider taking an online coding class, starting a blog, or learning a new computer program.

Take the time to learn what skills are uber-relevant in your industry today.

Then do the hard work to gain those skills. That way, your resume will be in solid shape — and you’ll compete much better in our globale economy.


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???????????????????????????????About the Author: James Hu earned his bachelor’s of Information Systems and Finance from University of Washington. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Jobscan. James has also enjoyed work experiences at Boeing, Microsoft, Groupon, Kabam Games, and a start-up of his own. Through his work in the United States, China, and Spain/Gibraltar, James truly integrates a global mindset into his career. In his free time, he also enjoys water sports and backpacking. Follow James on Twitter.



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