How to Work Happier and Be Happier: According to Science [Infographic]

We spend a large part of our adult lives at work. Many of us, however, don’t feel very happy about it. We wake up in the morning and force ourselves to go somewhere we don’t really want to be and spend the day mumbling, “This job sucks!” So there has to be a way to work happier, right?

You may think you’re alone in feeling that way. But you’re not. Not even close. For example, nearly half of the workforce say that their chief complaint at work is being underpaid. Others feel either under-challenged or overstretched. And it seems the majority of people struggle to find the work-life balance they need.

Science to the Rescue

This infographic from NetCredit reveals four well-researched ways to improve your happiness at work. As you’ll see, research suggests that you can learn to manage expectations, minimize distractions, and prioritize your workload. This information will tell you how to do exactly that. And how, along the way, to rekindle your enthusiasm for your job and daily responsibilities.

In the end, only you can make these changes happen. Let science be your guide. Then work happier!


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