Hot Jobs for 2017: Demand, Salary and Growth Trends [Infographic]

Job openings hit an all-time high in 2016. And 2017 looks to continue the trend with many hot jobs available.

Of course, some industries are growing faster than others. For instance, there are plenty of opportunities for new jobs and long-range career growth in fields like marketing, sales, transportation, and finance.

The question is, what are the hottest jobs on the market right now?

Hot Jobs in 2017

This infographic from Betterteam reveals the fastest growing job markets in 2017. It also presents some interesting information on current job markets.

Would you like to relocate? Below you’ll find a list of the best cities for job growth. Finally, it lays out the statistics on the fastest growing industries and the hot jobs within those industries.

The coming year brings a wealth of opportunity for job seekers. Armed with the most recent information, set out to put the job market to work for you!

After all, the only really hot job is the one you want.


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